Marketing communications

At Consultek2, we believe in content. We listen to what you want to say, agree on whom you want to say it to, and establish the best way to say it. It doesn’t matter if you’re training your distributors to generate extra revenue or selling directly in a competitive marketplace: the principles are the same. Trigger interest, stimulate action, and be clear, creative and unambiguous.


Strategic consultancy

Strategic marketing communication planning is more than schedules and budgets. It involves defining objectives, evaluating the available means and making optimum use of them. Consultek2 extends the capabilities of your own organisation.

Project management

Bringing a project to realisation, be it an international advertising campaign or an internal communications program, requires careful management and accurate planning. Consultek2 can oversee all or part of any undertaking, as a sole source or in combination with your other suppliers.


A team of creative and technically experienced writers, and a network of art directors and production studios that regularly work with Consultek2 can realise stunning, effective and highly original material. Consultek2 is an experienced ‘content’ provider.